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TLDR; no-one outside of the reddit hive-mind (incels, and fearful fatties) believes this nonsense

After almost 2 years of piddling-in-your-pants unscientific panic driven lockdown. With the shrill voices of "authorities" who are clearly wrong and lying to you. We decided a holiday was in order. We decided to investigate the options for holiday in Europe.

Flying was still an option and no restrictions on unvaccinated were present. In fact the vaccinated are subject to exactly the same travel restrictions (LOL) so frankly the whole "ticket to your freedom" has been a lie from the beginning.

However neither of us wanted to subject ourselves to that nonsense and instead took our trusty car on a brief trip around Western Europe.


No restrictions on hotels, other than the "oh please wear a mask sign". Which many ignored.

No restrictions on entry to anything. In fact all of the residents regard masking and indeed this whole corona-overreach as a bit "Vergackled" (mangled) and an obvious authoritarian overreach.

The only negative thing we encountered, was a group of ridiculous Americans refusing to enter the elevator if there was someone already on board. Being on the 5th floor implied that we would wait at least an hour before being able to descend. I asked if they were going to wait that whole time for an empty elevator? they replied "yes", so we pushed in front of them, boarded the elevator with only one single other person present and went merrily on our way.

If you are going to be a group of pathetic fear-driven fools then stay at home rather than go on holiday you wet rags.


Same as Berlin except absolutely no masks anywhere, it seems the wealthy in Potsdam don't even bother with the mask farce.


Pretty city, masks only "enforced" in tourist traps like the city battlements which I happily denied my money. "Is there no way we can convince you to wear the mask and see our show" is what we were asked.. "No thanks, we'll find something else to do" and off we merrily sauntered. Deny access to resources, vote with your wallet.

Aside from that we hardly ever even reached for the mask (nor thought about the looming persecution of the unvaccinated), everything quite relaxed. Perhaps the rest of Europe should take some direction and grow a pair.

Happily 99% of the time we were unaffected by the ridiculous imposed nonsense (much like the virus) and soon recovered from any effects (again, much like the virus).

This nonsense must stop, sanity must be restored, the corporate oligarchs must be pushed out of their position of control of government and the return to order must be restored.


By now it must be clear even to the thick-as-shit doom porners, its all a big gyp we are lied to told we're going to die and that the unvaccinated are causing mutations; which is complete and utter shit dear. Mutations happen in environments where viruses are under stress (the vaccinated) Also the "DELTA" is highly contagious, because thats what viruses do when they cant survive any longer they become contagious in order to find a host with suitable mutation potential its a survival strategy. However viruses get less dangerous the longer they are present even with mutations... this is goddamned fact otherwise humanity would NEVER have survived concurrent evolution.