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So it seems that "very rare" is yet another word-soup double-think-definition being redefined in front of our eyes.

This silly propagandist took her "shot" "on the chin" and promptly developed "very rare side effects" of pericarditis which most-likely she will suffer from her entire life.

And just like in USA and DE and UK these numb-nuts say they will get their freedoms back once we are all vaccinated...

EVEN THO SCOMO has said that vaccination is not the metric they are going to use to open up again.. How much DOUBLETHINK can you idiots in Australia take?

Prime Minister says all Australians will have access to vaccine by Christmas but they won’t stop lockdowns
<p>Scott Morrison has warned thousands of jobs and businesses depend on the success of Sydney&#x27;s current lockdown.</p>
Morrison’s figures do not predict an end to lockdowns
As Scott Morrison leans on ‘optimal’ vaccine modelling, the epidemiologists he commissioned say they can’t predict a return to normal.
PM says 80 per cent of Australians must be vaccinated before lockdowns end
The Prime Minister says 70 per cent of eligible Australians will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 for the country to begin reopening and returning to normal, and 80 per cent to end lockdowns.

Over by Christmas

Where have I heard this before?

Lockdowns to become &#8216;a thing of the past&#8217; with Aussies &#8216;vaccinated by Christmas&#8217;
<p>Lockdowns are set to be become “a thing of the past” with Australia on track to have a high percentage of the population vaccinated by Christmas, Scott Morrison has said.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

Oh thats right, I remember now

BBC - WW2 People’s War - It’ll be Over By Christmas
People used to say “It’ll be over by Christmas” and “Don’t worry the Germans have ...