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Make no mistake the amount of bullshit propaganda and hypocritical kak in this video makes it clear we are on a warpath.

Listen as these vile traitors talk about "democracy" and "sovereign states" all the while oppressing their own people and suppressing protest and demonstration the ONLY avenue for political expression in a democracy.

They are Nuclear powered.. but not nuclear carrying submarines! We promise..

Australia to pursue nuclear-powered submarines through new trilateral enhanced security partnership | Prime Minister of Australia
The Government would like to thank the Attack class submarine workforce, Naval Group, the Government of France and Lockheed Martin Australia for their efforts to date. However, accelerating changes to regional security make conventional submarines unsuited to our operational needs in the decades ahead.

Yes were buying nuclear capable subs, powered by nuclear energy in the attack class submarine workforce.... but we will only use them to carry spades and seeds to the islands of the indo-australia-pacific


The Government will also acquire additional long-range strike capabilities for the Australian Defence Force.

Throughout the decade, Australia will rapidly acquire long-range strike capabilities to enhance the ADF’s ability to deliver strike effects across our air, land and maritime domains.

These include:

Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, to be fielded on our Hobart class destroyers, enabling our maritime assets to strike land targets at greater distances, with better precision.

Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missiles (Extended Range) will enable our F/A-18 A/B Hornets and in future, our F-35A Lightning II, to hit targets at a range of 900km.

Long-Range Anti-Ship Missiles (Extended Range) (LRASM) for the F/A-18F Super Hornet.

Continuing collaboration with the United States to develop hypersonic missiles for our air capabilities.

Precision strike guided missiles for our land forces, which are capable of destroying, neutralising and supressing diverse targets from over 400km.

Accelerating $1 billion for a sovereign guided weapons manufacturing enterprise – which will enable us to create our own weapons on Australian soil.

NO this is nothing to do with CHINA we promise.

Covid IS going to be used to start a war with china. Once people start dying in big enough numbers, getting people to sign up and kill yellow commies will be easy.


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The pact, known as AUKUS, is a clear challenge to China in the Indo-Pacific and a deepening of military ties among close allies of more than a century.
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