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Thanks @bamalam

TLDR; “oh but they are safe" i hear you scream. Millions of people have taken it. Do you know what "safety" in medicine means? Safety is not the immediate number of vaccines given that get studied. It's those data points "over time". a histogram of patient outcomes. We do not have a long enough timeline to say these vaccines are "safe".

A covidiot person made some statements about the character of various anti-this-vaccinators.. and a user gave a thoughtful response.

We don’t need stupid people who don’t understand basic science in modern society anyway. I don’t even pity you. Rest in spit. You aren’t protagonists and you aren’t smarter than everyone else. You’re extremist who are complicit in all these deaths. !!!THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN OVER ALREADY IF YOU JUST STAYED HOME AND LISTENED A YEAR AGO!!! We can see other countries as example.

@bamalam answered that wonderfully characterful statement as follows:

* Just 2 more weeks
* Just so the hospitals aren't overwhelmed
* Just until a vaccine is out
* Just until we're vaccinated
* Just until most of us are vaccinated
* Just until everyone is vaccinated
* Just until the third doses roll out
* Just until...Just until...Just un -

If you believe it will "be over" when everyone is vaccinated you are very sadly mistaken.

This will just keep going, and new "variants" will popup that need to be treated and you'll line up for more frankenvaxes and scream at the 3x vaccinated for not getting the latest 2.

Of course pfizer and co will be making money on both sides of the coin. (vaccine generates income and treatment of the long term effects generate even more.. look whos drugs for blood-clots is being used and over-ordered at unprecedented levels ;) )

How about they do some actual science, let pathologists do autopsies on the vaccinated dead (there are quite a few now and more coming) and let's really "do some science". Many pathologists are calling for this; but are being shouted down because who would want to know more about the vaccinated dead and potential side effects of an experimental treatment?? you would think scientists would want this, but clearly no.

Probably something to do with the pfizer contract that was recently leaked (side effects hidden for 10 years no culpability and the state must do all it can to protect the provider, it's a historically corrupt document).

Speaking of "science" when you run experiments what is the most important pattern to follow?

If you said outcomes analysis you are partly right, the problem is with outcomes analysis you need a control group to study and compare against..... Are you aware pfizer and Moderna both have corrupted their control groups? There is no control group...

Go look at your vaccination tab, you will notice in your uid number center usually after the - there is a number 1,2,3 <-- these are sequence identifiers.. you are part of a batch study (you may remember that document you signed before they "saved you from corona virus"?) well, that was you giving up all your claims against any participant in giving you that experimental substance.. and your batch id identifies if you got saline, mid-level mRNA or max level mRNA.. you are now officially part of a massive worldwide experiment.

"oh but its safe" i hear you scream... millions of people have had it... Do you even know what safety in medicine means? Its not the immediate volume of datapoints that scientists study my dear... its those data points "over time".. a histogram of patient outcomes across those data points..

When I say "its not safe" i don't mean you are doomed a day or two after you took it maybe weeks or months (although there is more than enough evidence to say that many many many more negative side effects are taking place than reported).. I mean in the next 2-10 years your data point will travel along through the histogram and may suddenly come to a halt.. due to myocardisis or some hematological event.. or similar.

These statistics are how modern medicine is practiced (statistical probabilities of treatment outcomes - its a fact look it up).. and any doctor saying "its safe" is not only breaking his oath.. but he is knowingly lying to you. Because not enough time has passed in order to know that its safe or not.. Thems the sausages dear.

Stop trusting.. start reading . start learning.. because god knows.. the next few winters are going to absolutely be a Pandemic of the Vaccinated....

And when this shit starts happening look around yourself, look at who is dying and ask yourself.. why do the unvaccinated have a much higher rate of survivability...

also just FYI its "plague" not "plauge"

Additionally "other countries" as examples.. actually no the only countries that are "normal" are "Sweden" who did no lockdown.. and now benefit from it.

All other massively vaccinated locked down countries.. Israel, Seychelles, Gibraltar, Iceland are all just about fully vaccinated and ALL of them.. every single one of them are experiencing massive surges in "cases cases cases"... or in your language "shit don't work yo.. " and the most "locked down" .. AU, DE etc are having massive spikes too.. lol.. its pathetic.. all of it...

Gotta say it the man has a point

Better get your covid pass ready

Meanwhile, in India

Indian State Will Offer Ivermectin To Entire Adult Population — Even As WHO Warns Against Its Use As Covid-19 Treatment
Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic drug and its effectiveness as a Covid-19 treatment is yet to be fully established.

Meanwhile in Israel

Health officials predict thousands of seriously ill COVID patients within month
Bennett reportedly agrees to expand hospital capacity after being presented with numbers showing hospitalizations quadrupling by mid-September; funding for plan unclear

Meanwhile in Australia

Three additional COVID-19 cases in ACT as capital enters seven-day lockdown
<p>Three further cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in Canberra as the ACT entered a snap seven-day lockdown at 5pm today. </p>

Be like India.


London 6M contract to store excess deceased bodies over next 4 years
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RKI forbids autopsies of covid dead
Call me cynical, but the German data collection agency responsible for pandemic control and statistics forbidding autopsies by qualified pathologists smells of conspiracy