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A great many WA nurses are not stupid and don't trust anything about this insane push to vaxxinate.

Update: 12.10.2021

GO nurses of Western Australia DON'T SUPPORT VACCINE APARTHEID!

Fears vaccine mandate will push WA bush hospitals to the brink
Even just a small number of staff losses is increasing pressure on struggling wards and fanning tension between burnt-out workers.

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WA nurses ‘would revolt if jabs were FORCED’
One third of West Australian aged care workers would quit the industry if forced to get COVID-19 vaccinations, according to a new survey.

Proud of them. No Nurse must sacrifice their health for the community nor for specific patients. Whats more, its barbaric and unethical to demand a gene therapy with the worst negative effects in recorded history of rollouts - of them.

  • It is not "our" responsibility to protect everyone
  • It is our role to protect our family in the way we see fit.
  • It is not Everyones responsibility to compromise their bodily integrity for "us"
  • It is not the role of children to defend the elderly
  • It is not the role of the government to dictate what goes (or not) into our bodies. It's simply not or if it is then we are no longer a country of freemen.
  • "Safety" is a very weak argument; Make your own self safe.
  • "No-one is safe unless everyone is safe"; is the most disgusting form of subversive double-think. "feeling safe is a mental and emotional crutch of the weak and compromised" Stay at home if you are feeling unsafe. Your feeling of safety is not "our" problem

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