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The connection is: Both were directly responsible for orders that resulted in higher than normal deaths of "the frail, disabled and elderly", and both then were subsequently "coincidentally" entangled in a sexual corruption affair which for the both of them changed the narrative for them after that point. Strange right?

Update: 21.11.2021

Ex. Gov. Andrew Cuomo misrepresented COVID-19 nursing home toll, report says
A new report concluded the Democrat’s administration misrepresented how many nursing home residents died of COVID-19.
Need a better source

update 24.07.2021


No probes for Cuomo & Whitmer: Biden DOJ drops investigations into Michigan, Pennsylvania, & New York nursing home Covid-19 deaths
The Biden administration has decided not to investigate the Democrat governors of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York over claims their Covid-19 policies led to the deaths of thousands of vulnerable people in nursing homes.

Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo and elderly deaths: Public missteps mounting
Multiple news outlets are reporting that the FBI has opened an investigation of COVID-19 nursing home deaths in New York under the leadership of Gov. Andrew Cuomo. A timeline of events lays out a stark contrast between the advice he offered to his own family and his TV journalist brother and the ord…
Governor Cuomo admits to withholding nursing home deaths
The New York governor stopped short of a full apology for concealing Covid deaths at nursing homes.

Cuomo's administration gave orders to "take the frail and elderly" and put them into care-homes with documented outbreaks of covid-19. As well as workers sick with covid-19

Matt Hancock

I've written allot on Hancock after discovering what his nazi-like administration has done

Major New Survey of Care Home Leaders Confirms Severe Impact of Covid-19 - The Queen’s Nursing Institute
The QNI has published a major new report on the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the UK’s nursing and residential homes.
Care homes told to label residents as Do Not Resuscitate
A recent report found that care homes were given blanket orders to label their elderly residents as Do Not Resuscitate, without asking family
Matt Hancock promises investigation into inappropriate ‘do not resuscitate’ orders
The Health Secretary tells Parliamentary inquiry he will examine the death of a patient with learning disabilities
Covid-19: Government to issue new guidance on DNAR orders after legal challenge
The government has announced it will publish new national guidance for England on “do not attempt resuscitation” orders, amid concern that blanket bans on cardiopulmonary resuscitation were being imposed by some healthcare providers during the covid-19 pandemic. The move comes after a threat of leg…

So, these are two clearly culpable monsters, both ordered their administration to KILL THE ELDERLY, DISABLED AND INFIRM.

And the both of these monsters were exposed as sexual predators and suddenly the narrative changed.

Timeline: Accusations against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and calls for his resignation
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo faces his career’s biggest challenge following sexual misconduct accusations from multiple women.
DAN WOOTTON: Matt Hancock is now a national joke and must go today
Matt Hancock, appearing on Sky News, said: ‘You could imagine what my views are... It’s a matter for the police. He adds ‘it’s quite right’ the police take decisions ‘independently’ of politicians.

And suddenly we're talking about their sexual escapades and not the fact that these monsters ordered the murder of thousands of sick, disabled, elderly and frail.

If you have parents you should be FURIOUS.

These monsters represent the New Normal. And this must be raged against until the last moment.

Fortunately there are people fighting back

‘Why I am taking legal action against Matt Hancock over do not resuscitate orders’ | Leigh Day
Leigh Day client Kate Masters writes about her legal challenge to the government for failing using emergency powers to ensure that families understand how decisions are made about DNR orders amid the COVID-19 pandemic.