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pass.. hard pass and I am pro-vaccine pro-science.. this is not science... its a one way totalitarian medical dictatorship that has been hijacked by the highest bidder.

18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a Covid Vaccine
A few friends have asked my thoughts on the covid jab(s) so I thought it was time to write an article on the topic. All my friends had not heard most of the details I shared, so I figured you might appreciate hearing some of what I told them. Knowing how contentious this issue is, part of me would r…

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Committed Grants | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
This database includes grant commitments made by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and previous foundations of the Gates family (William H. Gates Foundation, Gates Library Foundation, and Gates Learning Foundation) from 1994 onward.

Look at their grants.. who gets the money WHO, Gavi, as well as top level hospitals and research bodies.. this sounds "good" but in effect its pure evil.. He with the money makes the rules... and he with the money wanted to block out the freaking sun... think im joking?

Bill Gates Will Have to Wait a While to Block the Sun
Scientists have postponed the billionaire-backed study of the controversial technology called solar geoengineering.
A Bill Gates Venture Aims To Spray Dust Into The Atmosphere To Block The Sun. What Could Go Wrong?
The Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), launched by Harvard University scientists, hopes to examine the effects of spraying calcium carbonate (CaCO3) dust into the atmosphere — a sun-reflecting aerosol that may offset the effects of global warming.

This man and his wife are pure pure pure evil.. Father the nazi eugenicist and the apple has not fallen far from the tree.. just is now substantially richer