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Children in Germany are being offered testing via "lollipop". However there is almost no information on the topic, I put forward 9 questions to the academics behind the initiative and hopefully will get feedback soon.

Sent: 05.05.2021

Dear Sir/Madam,
  Recently my child's school has informed me of the "Lolli Test Initiative" and the possibility for testing children with this far less invasive test. For this I am incredibly grateful as the tests cause quite undue stress on children whose school experience thus far is already far below sub-par.

The notice provided a link to the Schulministerium NRW where after browsing I found your website at

Having learned of this initiative and that such a renowned epidemiologist as Prof. Gerd Fätkenheuer - who's work and papers in HIV are noteworthy - is undertaking it pleased me more than I can express.

Despite this joy, however, I found a number of points missing on the otherwise informative website.

I would like to pose a number of important questions and would hope that they could find their way to improving the website:

1. For the "group test": what is the current PCR CT? How will this rate be moderated given the WHO's guidance on the topic: - May/2020 - will the PCR-CT be adjusted as required?
2. What would the individual PCR-CT be for the re-test of individual positively identified children?
3. In what way is the polymerase different between the group and individual tests? If at all?
4. Which IVD vendor/brand/manufacturer are in use?
5. As per the WHO notice of what level lab technicians are undertaking the task? And in what way is this regulated?
6. Are the test labs considered to be "BSL-3 culture facilities"? And please may I have a list of the laboratories involved.
7. I'd like to ask about the GDPR (DSVG) data processor restrictions and how they relate to each child's name and birthdate being used for test identification by the processor.
8. Could an index of test strip ingredients and their quantities be provided?9. Which manufacturing partners are used to produce the tests and are batch quality controls being conducted at what regularity and in which locations?

Thank you for your efforts, I am pleased to see this effort and on behalf of many concerned parents I wish you all the best.


Here are some of Prof. Fätkenheuer HIV papers on

Fätkenheuer : search
Einsatz von Lolli-Tests an Grund- und Förderschulen
Alle wichtigen Informationen, praktische Hinweise und Videos zur Durchführung der PCR-Pooltests (Lolli-Tests) an Grund- und Förderschulen in Nordrhein-Westfalen finden Sie hier.
SCHOCO möchte den Schulen ein Testsystem an die Hand geben, das sie dazu befähigt, Testungen selbstständig und weitestgehend unabhängig von fremder Unterstützung durchzuführen.

Strange that there is this direct similarity between HIV AIDS and sars-cov.. and what are the chances that a aids specialist is developing the schoco lollipop for our kids.

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